Being that I made my current website myself in one of my classes, there are many characteristics I would like to change to make it look more professional. I would eventually like to change the color palette, fonts, update the images within my portfolios, create a pull-down menu for the portfolios, etc. I have so many ideas, just not enough time to do them! Keep your eyes peeled for an updated website from Cindy Leigh Photography because it’s coming soon!


Mel & Chris

Even though shooting people isn’t my forte, I took some engagement pictures for my friends Mel and Chris…


Positioning Statement

Food photographer Cindy Leigh Utter, creates compelling photographs with the use of dramatic lighting to achieve a natural, editorial look, feel and taste. Her unique lighting techniques, great attention to detail, and use of texture, makes her imagery stand out both locally and nationally. She works freelance on location and in the studio for both editorial food and cookbook clients.

Culinary Shoot IV

Culinary Shoot 4…


Culinary Shoot III

More shooting in the Culinary Department and a couple in my apartment…


Culinary Shoot II

Here are some more pictures I have been working on from upstairs!


Culinary Shoot I

I have been going upstairs to the Culinary department to shoot where they have cooking classes and cooking/planning for banquets. It has been a delicious experience because they let me try the food too!